“Everybody loves chocolate” Just like everyone else, you’ll probably think that good chocolate comes from countries like Belgia or Swiss. Yes that’s right, but not entirely true. Indonesia is the second largest cocoa producing country in the world, and the quality is so fine that most of it is exported around the world. Indonesia has the perfect temperature and climate condition to grow the most excellent cocoa beans. Indonesia’s cocoa has very strong aroma and high content of nutrients.

Unfortunately, not many Indonesians know about this and only few local chocolate companies have been successful in their businesses. The purpose of our marketing plan is to turn Monggo, an authentic local chocolate brand; into the no. 1 preferred brand for dark chocolate not only in its own country – Indonesia but also in the world. As a start, we will focus our marketing strategies on building strong brand equity inside the country first. They include: 1. Product innovation to attract new market segments: children, youngsters, businesses, and health conscious people 2.

Buzz, event, and experience marketing strategies to raise more awareness on dark chocolate and Monggo brand. 3. Sustainable CSR programs for image building We believe that through the right marketing strategies, nothing is impossible; that Monggo can be recognized as a high-quality dark chocolate brand from Indonesia. The marketing budget will be approximately 20% of 100% estimated sales generated. 1 DARK IS BETTER 1. Company Summary Monggo Chocolate was envisioned by Burhan and Edo and Thierry.

Being a Belgian, Thierry posses the technique for creating great chocolates, whereas Edo and Burhan’s creativity and management skills helped the venture to kick off. Monggo was established in 2005. All products are made of dark chocolate (100% cocoa butter) with no added preservatives. Its products vary from regular bars, souvenir bars, pralines, seasonal events bars, hotel and restaurants bars, and chocolate flakes which are also blended with flavors such as caramel and praline.

The word “Monggo” means “please” in Javanese and is often used by the natives along with a thumb gesture. This little word seemed so representative of the Javanese culture, the city of Yogyakarta and a perfect name for their chocolate. Presently, Monggo chocolate has expanded to other big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Semarang, and Bali. Its sales points mainly include high-end convenience and department stores. Despite its uniqueness and high quality, Monggo lacks major marketing activities and has yet to tap to it’s full potential of growth and brand awareness. . Current Analysis (The 4 Ps) A. Product Monggo uses Indonesian original dark chocolate and has been quite creative in its products’ shapes, flavors and customization (based on seasonal events). The Monggo Chocolate main differentiations are: – High quality dark chocolate: All chocolates are made without any added sugar or preservatives; and only use 100% pure cocoa butter (very high quality). – Handmade with Belgian technique: Chocolates are hand made in a home industry of around fifty workers (mostly Yogyakartan women). Highlighting local culture: All packagings have traditional Javanese appeal and tone and made of recycled paper with images such as Borobudur temple. – 100% Indonesia: All ingredients are supplied from Indonesia to provide unique local such as ginger, orange, and organic “mete” bean flavors. 2 DARK IS BETTER B. Price Monggo Chocolate sets its price to target the middle to high end customers. Here are the prices list of Chocolate Monggos’ regular products: ?? 40gr Chocolate @IDR 13,000; Caramello, Praline, Dark, Strawbery, and White ?? 0gr Chocolate @IDR 34,000;Dark 69%, Mete Bean Organic, Macadamia ?? 80gr Chocolate @IDR 25,000; Dark 57%, Ginger, Mete, Praline, and Raisin. C. Promotion Until now, Chocolate Monggo has barely done any promotions on the media. Monggo depends on free press and media coverage such as: Cosmo Girl magazine, Jakarta Post and Daily Jakarta Shimbun. Marketing activities done are limited to: Below the line: – giving out free samples at weekends in the beginning of the launching period – selling seasonal packages in bundle (cheaper).

Above the line: – having a group page in facebook, website and blog (which is moderately updated). D. Place Originating from Yogyakarta, Monggo is sold widely in the city starting from its own store to mini marts, high-end cafe, hotels, restaurants, and even pharmacies. In other big cities, sales are limited to high-end stores, targeting the niche market. For example in Jakarta, it is exclusively sold in Ranch Market, Batik Keris, Circle K, etc. 3 DARK IS BETTER 3.

CUSTOMER ANALYSIS Through intensive observation data gathering, it’s found that: DEMOGRAPHIC Male & female 21 – 45 years Young adults – elder people Middle level – upper level income Families, executives, students, tourists PSYCHOGRAPHIC Mature & stable Appreciate local culture Have penchant for rather dark chocolate Loves travelling & adventurous Open to try new things Health conscious BEHAVIORAL Tourist who looks for something traditional to bring back home Adults who tend to opt for chocolates that represent themselves family consumption & for share Impulsive buyers . COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Although Indonesia is the second largest cocoa producing country in the world, famous chocolate brands there are mostly foreign and machines manufactured. Monggo chocolate is hand made using a fine selection of Javanese and Sumatran cocoa beans and pure cocoa butter. Thanks to this rare characteristic, Monggo Chocolate can easily stand out from the rest of the competitors. 4 DARK IS BETTER The classification of Monggo Chocolate? s competition is divided into four levels: Level 1: Product Form competition “Dark chocolate” Level 2: Product

Category competition “Chocolate” Level 3: Generic competition “Assortments” Level 4: Budget competition (IDR “Food 10. 000 – and IDR Entertainment” 40. 000) To narrow the scope, analysis is focused on level one and level two competition which share very similar traits of Monggo’s product offerings, namely: “Dark chocolate? , most likely with high quality and “Chocolate? in general. Competitors Profile 1. Homemade: Dapur Cokelat (http://www. dapurcokelat. com/) Founded in 2001, Dapur Cokelat now has seven stores located in Jakarta and Surabaya.

Dapur Cokelat is similar to Chocolate Monggo in terms of having their own outlets with traditional Indonesian store interior such as Wayang pictures on the wall; and a modern website for online order. Main differentiations between the two are: – Dapur Cokelat uses Belgian chocolate as its main ingredient – Dapur Cokelat is more popular for its various cakes compared to its chocolates – Dapur Cokelat targets middle to upper-class market (price range: IDR 6000 per praline) 5 DARK IS BETTER 2.

Mass Produced Chocolates: Local Brands i. Silver Queen (milk chocolate bar with macadamia nuts, medium price, targeted for youngsters, sold widely at supermarkets and convenience stores) ii. Choki-choki (choco paste, popular among kids, sold widely at supermarkets and convenience stores, cheap (from IDR 1000 to IDR 2500 per stick)) Foreign chocolate brands: Cadbury, Nestle (Kit-Kat), Kraft Foods (Toblerone and Milka), Delfi, Guylian, and Ferrero (Rocher) are only some of the popular brands sold widely in the country.

These local and foreign chocolate brands differ from Monggo because: – Mass-produced in factories using machines (Monggo is handmade) – Rely heavily on advertisements, price, and distribution strategies – Use preservatives and other chemical in its production – Widely available (easy access) – Serve a large market and compete fiercely in it (Monggo serves a niche market) Tabel 1. Price Comparison BRAND NAME Monggo (58% and 69% cacao) Toblerone Frey Supreme Noir (85% cacao) Whitakers Dark Lindt Excellence (70% cacao) Silver Queen 40 GMS IDR 13. 000 80 GMS IDR 25. 00 – 34. 000 100 GMS & ABOVE IDR 21. 600 IDR 35. 600 IDR 55. 800 (250 gr) IDR 42. 600 IDR 15. 200 IDR 9. 000 IDR 10. 200 IDR 9. 400 (54 gr) Cadbury IDR 7. 800 IDR 14. 500 IDR 30. 400 6 DARK IS BETTER 5. SWOT Analysis STRENGTH ? Very high quality dark chocolate without any preservatives or added sugar (100% cocoa butter, all organic, high percentage of cocoa) ? Unique because of strong Indonesian cultural identity (very Javanese) ? Belgian technique and handmade (exclusive) (manually selecting best cocoa beans) ? A comprehensive website – www. chocolatemonggo. om and blog uniquely designed in line with its concept ? Recycled paper packaging that is ecofriendly OPPORTUNITY ? High willingness to support and try local products (patriotism) ? Create more product extensions ? Target new market segments ? Potential to be the first local chocolate brand leader in Indonesia, even globally in the future WEAKNESS ? Lack of innovative promotions as it barely creates advertisement on printed and electronic media. Even Indonesian locals are still not familiar with the brand “Monggo”. Narrow target market Brand awareness is relatively low Monggo chocolate sales (esp. n Jakarta) are still very low as compared to other chocolate brands due to its high price and rather mundane packaging Lack of awareness of the superiority and benefits of dark chocolate. ? ? ? ? THREAT ? Fierce competition among existingchocolate brands in Indonesia. ? Risk of being imitated by new local chocolate brand in terms of its innovative products and promotions. ? Perception that good chocolate usually comes only abroad, such as Belgia or Swiss causing negative/weak perception on Indonesia’s local chocolate brand II.

MARKETING STRATEGIES 1. Consumer Perception Current consumer perception: “All chocolate is generic” (Dark chocolate has no significant difference with milk or white chocolate) “Fine chocolate only comes from countries like Belgia and Swiss” Proposed perception: “Dark chocolate is superior than other chocolate and good for health” (anti-oxidant, prevent heart disease, anti-aging*) “Indonesian dark chocolate is one of the finest dark chocolates in the world” “Monggo is the best handmade dark chocolate from Indonesia” 7 DARK IS BETTER 2.

Marketing Objectives Indonesia consumers still have a weak perception towards local chocolate brand merely because the lack of awareness about its high quality. However, their high sense of patriotism makes them very supportive and willing to try if exposed by local brands; especially if the brands are of high quality – words will travel very fast. Therefore it is a huge opportunity for Monggo to succeed considering its fine quality. Having this analysis information in mind, it is wise to focus our marketing strategies on three objectives: 1.

Expand Monggo’s current target market 2. Create product innovations to cater those new target markets 3. Create new promotional activities to raise brand awareness among local people at the same time educate them about dark chocolate 3. Segmentation The market will prevail with its existing segment which is middle to upper segment. 4. Target Market We see a huge potential to broaden the target markets to children, youngsters (because there’s lack of product innovation for children and youngsters), adults (general and tourists), health conscious people and other businesses.

Current target market: Young adults to elder people; 21 to 45 years of age (a bit unclear) Future target market: i. ii. iii. iv. v. Children (5 to 14 years) Youngsters Adults (especially tourists) Health conscious Business consumption (B2B) 8 DARK IS BETTER 5. Positioning “Monggo is a high-quality handmade dark chocolate from Indonesia suitable for all ages and targeted for middle to upper market” 6. Monggo Integrated Marketing Plan Diagram 6. 1. Product Innovation All of Monggo’s current product portfolios don’t really have a specific target market.

All chocolates are designed with similar characteristics and only differ in flavor or size; thus leading to a weak product and brand recognition. Due to its mundane offerings, consumers often prefer other brands that stand out more and have clearer target markets. Through product innovation; Monggo’s product portfolios will be clearly classified into several markets (children, youngsters, adults, health conscious, and businesses). A. CHILDREN Objectives: To widen Monggo’s target market to children (age 5 to 14) MonggoKidz 9 DARK IS BETTER Concept: Sell small chocolate candies inside a (gumball-machine-like) chocolate jar.

Out of a hundred of colorful chocolate candies, ten will be wrapped in Golden color. Children who are lucky can exchange the golden wrapper for gifts. MonggoKidz is small chocolate candies with colorful wrappers stored in a gumball machine- like container. The chocolate candies will be in forms of chocolate balls with wafer inside, as big as marbles. The price will be affordable as much as IDR 1. 000 per candy in compliance with Indonesian children’s buying power. The containers can be put at school canteens, malls, supermarkets, minimarkets, indoor playground, indoor theme park, etc.

To attract children’s attention and encourage repeat purchases; Monggo will provide around special ten GOLDENwrapper-candies every a hundred regular candies sold inside the container. If you get the golden chocolate candy, you are entitled to exchange it with special gifts such as: teddy bear, school bag, pencil case, diary, etc (all of which have Monggo logo and design). The brand name “MonggoKidz” will be more highlighted and considered as a brand specially designed for kids. Unlike other Monggo products, MonggoKidz will have colorful packaging, cheaper price, sweeter taste, cute esign packaging, include the element of games and prizes to attract children. The usage of the word “Monggo” in MonggoKidz will raise brand awareness most likely through word of mouth. When the lucky children got their gifts, most likely they will spread the news to their friends. Since the gifts will have “MonggoKidz” brand and logo on them, this will also increase brand recognition and awareness too. 10 DARK IS BETTER Crayolate Concept: Sell dark chocolates in attractive shapes (crayon) and colorful packaging. Children are very attracted to bright colors, and shapes that are distinctive and unusual.

CRAYOLATE or crayon chocolate are safe to eat crayonshaped chocolates; six different colors available in each box of crayolate. Sold at IDR 25. 000 due to the distinctiveness it offers, targeting the medium to upper level of income families’ kids. B. YOUNGSTERS Objective: To attract youngsters by offering funny and interesting labels on Monggo Chocolate packaging. Involving youngsters in the design plan (through an online contest) will increase design accuracy, spread worth of mouth, and raise brand awareness. “You Name It! ” (In informal Bahasa: “Namain aja! ”) Concept: “You Name It! chocolate edition is sold in packages and targeted for youngsters. Each package consists of either 6 or 12 small squared-shape chocolate bars with funny names on them. The names will be selected carefully through an online contest conducted over Facebook and Twitter conducted twice in a year (semi annual basis). In the contest, youngsters are invited to contribute one name each person to Monggo and 12 winners (overall) will be rewarded with cash prizes worth IDR 1 million each. Not only that, the 12 winners’ names suggestion will be used and the package will be sold in reality.

The best approach to attract youngsters is through humour as they are more responsive to it. The “You Name It! ” chocolate 11 DARK IS BETTER edition is intended to be the funniest chocolate sold in the country; the names will vary from (for example) “The Nosepicker”, “The Heart-breaker” or “The Nerd”. The chocolate will be sold in a package of either 6 or 12 small chocolate bars so that youngsters can share among each other and laugh about it. These names will be felt very spot-on to youngsters since they are in a stage of self-discovery.

Youngsters usually buy products that they think will represent who they want to be perceived. “You Name It! ” chocolate edition will allow them to be creative and tell us who they really are. In the contest; not only will they be exposed to the brand Monggo, they will also have a positive association with Monggo brand as being humorous, friendly, and youthful. Sold at IDR 25. 000 and IDR 47. 000 respectively, rather expensive but tend to encourage purchase for sharing consumption and large sizes. C. ADULTS Objective: To create product variations, target family consumption, and improve sales.

Give a friendly touch to Monggo product variations (very warm, close and for share) “Family Label” Edition Concept: Monggo Chocolate will create a special package for family with intention to share. The package will be exclusively designed with “homey? character with the home-shaped box with 2 choices (20cm x 30cm or 10cm x 20cm) contains smaller chocolate bars with family names on each of it. For instance, the names are “Father” “Mother” “Daughter” “Son” “Aunt” “Uncle” all written in both English (back side) and classic common Javanese (front side).

Sold at IDR 25. 000 and IDR 47. 000 respectively, rather expensive but tend to encourage purchase for sharing consumption and large sizes. 12 DARK IS BETTER D. B2B (Business as Ingredients) Objectives: To target a new market segments – Businesses (B2B). Monggo will only focus on a niche market of exclusive restaurants, cafes, airlines (Garuda Indonesia), confectionaries, bakeries, and hotels. “Chocolate as Ingredient” Concept: Monggo will provide wide range of chocolate products using its highest quality raw materials from Indonesia to serve other businesses.

Monggo will have a stronger brand image to customers who exposed to the menu book with Monggo name on it. Making use of our established production, this time Monggo will target business partners. Emphasizing its superior quality product and its Belgian technique; surely it will be easier for Monggo to win the hearts of professional chefs. Monggo’s B2B products include: Chocolate Compound, Chocolate Coating, Chocolate Dipping, Chocolate Filling Paste, Cocoa Powder, Chocolate Chips, Chocolate Sticks, Chocolate Rice and Decorative Chocolate.

All products will be targeted to high-end businesses and thus charged at a higher price. The cafe and restaurants should already have reputable name. In return, the cafe and restaurants should insert the words “by Monggo? beside the dessert/beverage name on the menu book. We are confident that Jakarta is the perfect city in where this plan should commence considering its high buying power and its hedonistic lifestyle. All packaging will be made elegant, simple, and still uniquely Indonesian. are 6. 2. PROMOTION AND EVENTS Buzz marketing – To create a buzz (word of mouth) among all Monggo’s target . market, educate the consumers about dark chocolate, and raise brand awareness of the fine quality of the brand Monggo. 13 DARK IS BETTER Concept: To place a big board (like a poster but thicker) full of hundreds of small chocolate bars (5 grams each) attached to it. Everyone is allowed to take the chocolate; there’s a sentence “Ayo Diicip!? (Traditional Bahasa of “Eat me!? ) on every chocolate bar. People can see a big advertisement of Monggo on the board when the chocolates are all gone (taken by people). A board (landscape – 2 meter x 0. meter) with a big Monggo chocolate picture on it will be covered with hundreds of small chocolate bars until the picture is unseen. This buzz marketing will be done only on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) when it is the most crowded. Each buzz location (each mall? s food court) will last for 4 weeks (a month). Malls we target in Jakarta: Senayan City, Plasa Senayan, Pacific Place, Grand Indonesia, Pondok Indah Mall, and Taman Anggrek Mall; in Yogyakarta: Ambarukmo Plaza; in Surabaya: Pakuwon Trade Center (all very crowded and popular-middle-to-upper malls).

Each buzz location (each mall’s food court) will last for 4 weeks (a month). We estimate the cost will be at least much cheaper than billboard or magazine advertisements (for the permission from the mall IDR 10 million per day). We plan to collaborate with the supermarket inside it where Monggo products are sold (we will put the supermarket logo on the board along with a sentence: “Find it Here! ”and it can seen after all chocolates are gone). Why food courts? After people eat their lunch or dinner, they will be tempted to try and take the chocolate as a dessert; they know it? free because there? s a sentence printed on every chocolates that says: “Ayo diicip!? (“Eat me!? ). Not only that they will see the board as something new and very interesting; they will also feel curious of what is behind all the chocolates. The curiosity will create a buzz. When people take the chocolate and open 14 DARK IS BETTER it, then they will see Monggo’s logo. The inside wrapper of the small chocolates (where there is a Monggo logo on it) will also give a website link for those who are curious to find out what’s behind all the chocolates.

After most of the chocolates are taken, a big Monggo advertisement will be revealed gradually. On the board (beside the big Monggo picture) will be a message (our marketing campaign): “Dark is Better” and (under big Monggo picture) “HighQuality dark chocolate from Indonesia” along with Monggo? s website address and information on where to get it the nearest. The website will explain the word “Dark is Better”. In the website, the benefits and difference of dark chocolate from regular chocolate will be emphasized. Not only that, the website will also give brand and product knowledge to anyone who accesses it.

This strategy will also allow Monggo to give free samples of its delicious dark chocolate too. We project that all the chocolates will be gone in just hours (or even minutes). Through this, Monggo will be perceived as “creative? , “very Indonesia? (because of the wording “Ayo Diicip!? and its packaging design), “kind? (give free chocolates) and “Tasty? (after consumption). This also leads to impulsive buying and increase sales (all malls have supermarket where they can buy Monggo chocolates) ii. Improved Packaging Batik Packaging and Read Me Note: To Improve brand awareness and igher sales due to more creative and unique packaging (very distinctive ethnic packaging; eye catching in-store display), Inform Monggo’s consumers regarding the various health benefits of dark chocolate, Inform consumers that Monggo? s chocolate is a premium dark chocolate. Concept: To highlight the feel of Indonesia and add more information to Monggo? s consumers, we will add an essence of Batik to 15 DARK IS BETTER our chocolate bars packaging and slip in a small “Read Me” note in each bar. The concept revolves around a uniquely designed packaging for chocolate bars.

The name “Monggo” will bein the form of a stencil with small batik material placed below it to give it a sense of Indonesian based chocolate. Indonesia? s batik prints have various patterns so we are able to use various prints for our chocolate bars. These batik bars will be sold at regular prices as mentioned above due to similar products (praline bars etc), refer to “Price” section of the situational analysis. As for the “Read Me” notes, it will be slipped into the chocolate bar package illustrated above. iii. Online Video Contest – To spread our marketing campaign “Dark is Better?. Boost up Monggo Chocolate brand awareness.

Increases more traffic to the official Monggo website. To generate awareness by encouraging participants to gather fellow supporters. Concept: Invite people to who want to create advertisement concept for Monggo in form of short movie via online media such as Facebook and Youtube. Twitter (@chocolatemonggo) will also be used in providing people the link to the contest. The winners will get contract with Monggo and their masterpiece will be published in media. Moreover, we will cut cost in advertising agency services as the most unique and attractive advertisement will be used for our purpose.

The online advertisement competition consists of some themes, which will be published at the different period. They are: ? ? “Dark is Better” – to be proved as creatively as possible in competing videos. Participants have to stress the benefits of dark chocolates. Conducted in English. “Asli Indonesia” (Bahasa for “Original from Indonesia”) Participants have to stress the classic traditional culture of Indonesia in that Monggo is the finest local chocolate brand”. Conducted in Bahasa. 16 DARK IS BETTER Each theme will have its own online competition that will be conducted for three (3) months.

The whole competition information and submission can be accessed through Monggo official website. There will be only one winner for each theme and the prizes will be exclusive contract from Monggo and cash prize of IDR 5,000,000/winner. The duration of the video is limited to 3 minutes each. iv. Seasonal – Improve brand awareness, sales, create a brand image of “creative, warm and considerate? , and increase brand loyalty. a. Valentine’s Day Cooking Class Concept: Hold Valentine? s special chocolate cooking class. The tag line will be: “Show your love with your own personalized handmade chocolate! Valentine? s day is celebrated everywhere in the world, including Indonesia. Monggo? s Valentine cooking class will be held annually and last only for 3 days (two sessions per day; three hours for each session). Only 50 seats will be available for each session. Attendants will be taught how to make delicious handmade chocolate using only the best ingredients supplied and prepared by Monggo. The class will be personally led by a set of professional chocolatiers: Thierry and other Indonesia chocolatiers; everything will be exclusive. One will only have to pay IDR 300. 00,- to attend the class, received a complimentary snack and take home the finished chocolate. Attendees will not have to be worried on the utensils or ingredients as they will all be prepared by Monggo beforehand. Promotion is done through internet marketing (facebook, twitter, blogs); brochure and free newsletters. Press and media will be invited to cover and publicize the stories. (timeline required) 17 DARK IS BETTER b. Yogyakarta Fair Concept: Promotion and sell Monggo chocolates at the biggest local event. Attract local interest to Monggo chocolates, emphasize Monggo? differentiation through personal selling and sampling Yogyakarta Fair is the biggest annual fair held and attended by millions of Indonesians every year. Usually the people who come to the fair are very open to try out new things. Monggo can sell its chocolate there and introduce its brand to the public. Using sales people with traditional clothes (“Kebaya” for the saleswomen and “Sarung” for the salesmen); and very ethnic stand exterior; surely Monggo will attract many people to come and try. There will also be promotional packages sold cheaper in bundle. c.

Christmas Concept: Christmas is a holiday celebrated by most, and known to be one of the most festive seasons in town. Monggo chocolate celebrate Christmas by creating Christmas symbols chocolates, personalized christmas packaging and adapting a Javanese version of Santa Claus. We know that during Christmas season, chocolates are often purchased for gifts for loved ones, therefore, it is important for us to be able to be one of those chocolates people prefer to purchase. So far, Monggo have already created various chocolate shaped in Christmas symbols such as Santa Claus chocolates.

We will continue product differentiation by designing even more such as Reindeer chocolates, Santa? s sleigh chocolates, candy cane chocolates and many more. In terms of packaging, we will also design them in a classic Christmas-y style, with its traditional green and red colors of Christmas. All this may seem quite a common strategy for other chocolates as well. However, we will keep in mind that we need differentiation. Monggo chocolate have already designed a Javanese Santa Claus for humor purposes and posted it on Facebook. But they haven? t used it in promotions or in their packaging.

Therefore we will use this Javanese Santa Claus in our packaging, keeping in mind the Christmas spirit but not 18 DARK IS BETTER forgetting our strong traditional Indonesian background. Sold in a range from IDR 25. 000-IDR 45. 000 due to unique design and taste. We will also collaborate with churches during this holy month. We will request permission to sell our chocolates in their churches during advent months on weekends until Christmas D-Days and 20% of the proceeds will be given to the church for their charity purposes. The salesman will be in the Javanese Santa Claus to generate awareness and word of mouth. . Eid Celebration (Idul Fitri) Concept: Offers special Idul Fitri chocolate edition with typical festive elements as its attraction during Ramadhan period. To show contribution in celebrating Idul Fitri/Islamic New Year as it is one of the most important days in Indonesia, to attract more sales during Ramadhan (Fasting) period and Idul Fitri. Monggo will have a special “ketupat” and “Bedug” shaped box which consists of 16 small 5 gram chocolates inside; a perfect snack during the Ramadhan period (usually Muslims look for sweet snacks as a dessert for their meal on fasting break).

Keraton Monggo will also create special dining package during Ramadhan (Fasting) period for people to have Fasting break by serving sweet meal made of dark chocolate, such as: chocolate cakes, hot chocolate drinks, chocolate milkshakes, etc. The packaging itself will be made from eco-friendly (recycled) materials and it will be produced exactly the same with the real “Ketupat? and “Bedug?. Sold in a range from IDR 25. 000-IDR 45. 000 due to unique design and taste. 7. Corporate Social Responsibility In our opinion, CSR is about how companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society.

Another definition of CSR is: “the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large” (http://www. mallenbaker. net/csr/definition. php) Nowadays, the emphasis on being ethical and ”green”, stress the importance of using CSR program(s). Monggo has several 19 DARK IS BETTER objectives/goals which they try to achieve by installing a CSR program in their daily business. Firstly, they hope this program can be used to contribute to the betterment of the Indonesian community.

Secondly, to improve Monggo’s brand image as a concerned and tolerant one. Finally, to increase the (positive) word of mouth to improve brand awarenees, attract untouched market (environmentalists) and increase sales. Monggo has defined some ideas which will support and enhance their CSR program. We will describe these programs below. “Contribute to Cocoa Farmers! ” Concept: The concept revolves around our first Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. For this concept, Monggo plans to help local cocoa beans farmers in forms of free trainings and giving free fertilizer.

This CSR program is a win-win for both Monggo and the local cocoa farmers. Monggo has a comparative advantage in having the know-how in cocoa production technique thanks to Mr. Thierry who learnt all about it in Belgia. Moreover, all things considered, this strategy will come considerably cheaper than splurging on various high end advertisements. For this annual event, we intend to collaborate with Asosiasi Kakao Indonesia (Askindo) or Association of Indonesian Cocoa, who will help Monggo get in touch with the cocoa farmers across the country.

To inform the consumers about this, we will create an in-store counter display (refer to the illustrations below) and also include it in our packaging. i. 20 DARK IS BETTER ii. “It? s recycled paper, it? s Monggo! ” Concept: Monggo chocolate have been using and will continue to make use of recycled paper as its packaging. This is an additional point to support its Corporate Social Responsibility program. The problem is that there is a lack of public awareness of the fact that Monggo uses recyclable papers, as they have never used any form of informational aids.

The first strategy is to add the “Reduce Reuse Recycle” logo and add “Made of Recycled Paper” in their packaging. Secondly, we will also have a program in which Monggo customers have the chance to collect 20 stamps in exchange of 20 empty packages of Monggo chocolates. These 20 stamps can later be exchanged for one 100g chocolate bar worth IDR 25. 000,-. 8. The Project Timeline In the table below, we explain which special events/ activities are organized by the company to promote, boost the sales of , and create awareness of the Monggo brand and product.

In January, February, June, August, September, November and December, Monggo organizes these events/activities. 21 DARK IS BETTER 9. Budget Plan The table below depicts the marketing budget allocated for end of 2010 to 2011. All of our marketing strategies are designed to directly or indirectly generate more sales at the very moment they are conducted. We expect that the budget we spend at every activity will not exceed 20% out of the 100% sales it will generate. The largest part of budget expenses will come from building Keraton Monggo (KM) in Jakarta and in Yogyakarta (only redecorating); the cost however will only be incurred heavily once.

Keraton Monggo will take about half a year (end of 2010 to mid 2011) to construct in Jakarta and about two months for the redecorating in Yogyakarta flagship store. During that period, sales will be very limited thus we can? t apply the Pareto assumption (20% generates 100%) to the case of KM. However, we are confident that the years after that, KM can generate more sales than other marketing activities and surely the cost will be only in forms of maintenance. The cost of organizing events such as Valentine? s cooking class, and Christmas charity can be reduced through acquiring sponsors to fund the events. 22

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