Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo was a revolutionary, poet, philosopher, writer, and Spiritual Master. One of India’s great modern philosophers, Aurobindo was a prolific author who expressed his views on humankind, nature, God, and the cosmos in numerous works of poetry and prose. He believed in the unity of all things material, intellectual, and spiritual, and a central theme that runs throughout all his writings is the divinization of life on earth. Sri Aurobindo, not only expressed his spiritual thought and vision in intricate metaphysical reasoning and in phenomenological terms, but also in poetry.

He started writing poetry as a young student, and continued until late in his life. The theme of his poetry changed with the projects that he undertook. It ranged from revolutionary homages to mystic philosophy. Sri Aurobindo wrote in classical style. Aurobindo’s philosophical beliefs derived from and promoted spiritual experience. The central theme of all his writings-the spiritualization of earthly life-rests on his belief that God exists in all of Nature and that spiritual intuition makes it possible for every individual to become conscious of his own divinity.

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Sri Aurobindo says ills of the present world cannot be remedied by new political or economical arrangements. Sri Aurobindo believes that a higher faculty is lying dormant in us which has to be developed and perfected, so as to result in the life divine not in any heaven , but in this life and in this point. one of poems “I have a hundred lives” describes the spiritual quest for the god. Says how he has to pass through the hundred life’s before he could grasp Spirit ethereal(the god). I have a hundred lives before me yet To grasp thee in, O Spirit ethereal, ………………………………. Pursue thee like a hunter through them all.

The central theme of Sri Aurobindo poem “I have a hundred life’s” is evolution of life into a “life divine. Man is a transitional being. He is not final. The step from man to superman is the next approaching achievement in the earth evolution. It is inevitable because it is at once the intention of the inner spirit and the logic of Nature’s process”. He would work for his realization like a hunter. Thou yet shalt turn back on the eternal way And with awakened vision watch me come Smiling a little at errors past and lay Thy eager hand in mine, its proper home. God like concerned father watches over his devotees with wakened vision.

He has given a new cosmology and a new metaphysics in his poem ‘considered as the philosophical masterpiece of the century. Sri Aurobindo themes are philosophical and transcendental. Sri Aurobindo states that man is a transitional being. Man is born an ignorant, divided, conflicted being; a product of the original in conscience (i. e. unconsciousness,) inherent in Matter that he evolved out of. As a result, he does not know the nature of Reality, including its source and purpose; his own nature, including the parts and integration of his being; what purpose he serves, and what his individual and spiritual potential is, amongst others.

In addition, man experiences life through division and conflict, including his relationship with others, and his divided view of spirit and life. To overcome these limitations, Man must embark on a process of self-discovery in which he uncovers his Divine nature. Man psychic change, his mind expands and he experiences knowledge not through the hard churning of thought, but through light, intuition, and revelation of knowledge, culminating in supra mental perception. Light enters from the heights and begins to transmute various parts of his being. ees the oneness and unity of creation, and the harmony of all opposites experienced in life. Thy golden Light came down into my brain And the grey rooms of mind sun-touched became …………………………. Thy golden Light came down into my throat, And all my speech is now a tune divine, A paean-song of Thee my single note; My words are drunk with the Immortal’s wine. Sri Aurobindo says golden lights triggers the super consciousness,leads him on to immortal path.. It is basically a complete transformation of the mind, the heart, the emotions, and the physical body.

Thy golden Light came down into my heart Smiting my life with Thy eternity; …………………………….. Thy golden Light came down into my feet, My earth is now Thy playfield and Thy seat. Man transforms into moving temple of God. Experiences oneness with nature. Sri Aurobindo says man has to move towards the fulfillment of our evolutionary purpose; to bring the Divine Being into life; to spiritualize life so that it can experience its ultimate potentials and possibilities.

Man has to discover his True Nature , of the world, of the universe, of the transcend Divine, and has to be integrated them into daily existence. And in that process of discovery, he experiences the ultimate Delight in existence, fulfilling the very purpose for which the Divine enabled this universe; for the joy of discovery of his deepest and most profound spiritual nature, and the unity of that nature with the Divine Source and Creator.

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